“The absence of pain does not equal the presence of pleasure. And we want to develop a concept of liberation that’s rooted in pleasure instead of simply escaping trauma.” READ MORE. 


“So when we're teaching people how to desire something and to go after what they desire for their bodies, we're also telling people … what do you desire when it comes to your friendships? What do you desire when it comes to our world? And how can we move towards that instead of just settling for non-consensual and non-pleasurable, non-affirming sexual interactions, friendships, relationships, work experiences, and our country.” READ MORE.


“Because we’re in a system that gives us anti-black messages on a daily basis, it is even more important for us to resist by centering our pleasuring.” LISTEN HERE. 


As Saah and Fiallo note, "there’s something radically beautiful and politically empowering about black women embracing pleasure and breaking out of the molds we didn’t create for ourselves..." READ MORE


"For me, my most orgasmic life isn’t just my sexual orgasms. I am using my orgasms as a litmus test for every aspect of my life." READ MORE


“If you don’t have agency over your own body, how do you plan to have political, social, and economic agency?” READ MORE.


Afrosexology on Political, Revolutionary, and Empowering Sex and Sexuality. LISTEN HERE


“A lot of times, even in sex positive communities, it’s always about how to be the freakiest or how to be in a polyamorous relationship. But there are a lot of people who are asexual, celibate or just trying to figure out their desires.” READ MORE.


“Recognizing and addressing pain may be new territory for people with vaginas because the overall message is that sex with penetration should be and will be painful." READ MORE.


“When you get a second, do yourself a huge favor and visit Rafaella and Dalychia's website Afrosexology, a treasure trove of curriculum-based workshops like Radical Twerk and Mirrors, Magic & Masterbation, anonymous love letters, sex-positive black art, an insightful blog, and much more.” READ MORE.


“It can be really easy to internalize self-blaming messages that reinforce the idea that you shouldn’t own your sexuality,” says Fiallo. “Instead, explore your sexuality, know what it means to surround yourself with things and people that bring you pleasure, and affirm that you deserve to be a sexual being.” READ MORE.


“We want to make sure all of that is recognized, as opposed to just saying sex positivity is being able to sleep with whoever you want or however many people you want. It’s also affirming the experiences people may have if they want to identify as asexual.” READ MORE


"Dirty talk can be as basic as saying “I want you to do this here, at this speed, until this”—with you filling in those blanks with your own personal preferences." READ MORE


Afrosexology on Black pleasure, masturbation, & radical twerking. LISTEN HERE


 “[Black people] are also deserving of pleasure and joy and love and healthy relationships and to feel good. Our bodies deserve to be affirmed.” READ MORE


“Afrosexology's product line is draped with educational messages that seek to debunk the myths surrounding Black sexuality with reaffirming phrases…” READ MORE.


"Today, me and Dalychia and Rafaella of Afrosexology talk about putting on a masturbation show! My mind was blown. I was scured- but now I'm brave! When are you putting on your show?" LISTEN HERE


"Bottom line: A hurtful or traumatic experience at the doctor is NEVER okay. Yes, they’re a licensed professional, but you’ve got a lifetime of expertise with your own body. Trust your gut and stand up for yourself." READ MORE


“The community we’ve built in person and online provides a lot of beautiful moments where a Black person gets to share something sexual, pleasurable and loving about themselves and that affirms us and our Black, sexy, loving selves.” READ MORE.


“It’s so different from having these statistics all over the place versus meeting someone face to face saying wow I see myself in you,” Fiallo said. READ MORE


"On this episode I am joined by  Afrosexology, we discuss how history plays a role in our community’s approach to sex, why reclaiming your personal sexual agency is needed, and whether masturbation is affirmation." LISTEN HERE