Afrosexology offers a variety of services for the public and for professionals. We work closely to those involved to ensure that our events are meaningful, educational, fun, and memorable! Please contact us for all booking and price inquiries.

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Our presentations, workshops, and training, are aimed to provide sex educators and professionals with skills, tools, and strategies for working with Black clients and students. We have worked successfully with groups of over 100 attendees who left feeling equipped and motivated to improve not only their businesses, but their lives! We facilitate discussions and activities based around evidenced-based practices, research, experiences, and an Afrocentric model.


These community based events are for a variety of audiences, cover many subjects, and can range from 1.5-3 hours.  We have collaborated with non-profits, women's groups, couples, families, churches, and other sex educators/therapists  as we discuss Black sexuality, empowerment, and liberation.  Our goal is to provide open and brave spaces for people to learn, explore, actively engage with one another, and take immediate action in reclaiming their sexuality.

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We believe that sex-positive, pleasure-based sex education is the best way to teach sexuality. If you want your current curriculum and education model to include this approach, we are here to help! By understanding where you are and discussing where you want to be, we will: 
- Provide exceptional content, expertise, and professionalism.
- Study existing training and development materials programs/activities.
- Thoroughly obtain feedback from staff, students, etc. to identify training and educational needs.
- Determine realistic deadlines and meet them.

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