"The workshop that has held at Sex Down South conference this past weekend was PHENOMENAL! It was an absolute pleasure and joy to share safe space with other Black women. I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share my truths; I left the workshop feeling replenished and grateful. Thank you Dalychia and Rafaella! Keep up the great and necessary work!" - Danielle Gilmore, Black 32, queer, exploring polyam

"The ladies of Afrosexology are doing the Good Work of helping women to reclaim their femininity, and even their divinity. The Radical Twerk event was such a positive experience, and I am forever changed." -Anonymous

"Hello Dalychia & Rafaella, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your workshops & program. It's the missing piece of the puzzle for me, I believe that women & femme centered safe spaces are essential to our survival in an anti-femme world. I have attended 4 of your workshops and I have gained useful tools & tactics; healed in many needed areas; and felt supported & understood in a way that I have never experienced. So when I say I love the both of you, I mean that I love that you seemed to have found a passion and made it your work. While also meeting a community need. That's something that I desire & so many others. I admire your vulnerability, determination, & Afro-centered approach. Please keep doing what you are doing & may it flourish in the way that you both envision." -Black, Womyn,  Age 37

"I have enjoyed working with and attending Afrosexology's workshops. Working with this dynamic duo has always been seamless and our audiences always report gaining insight from our discussions. In attending workshops by Afrosexology, I am always learning. I know very few folks who are as clear and follow through on their ethical practices as Afrosexology and will support them in any space, opportunity and project."  - Dr. Lexx, Founder of The Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy, LLC, Black, Fat, Queer, Breastfeeding Millennial Mom

"The work that is being done by Afrosexology is so necessary.  We need sex education, communication, & to be empowered by our communities." -Anonymous

 "Afrosexology does amazing work of a high caliber. Our region is better for having them here. You should attend their next event or hire them! You won't regret it." - Michelle, Education Manager of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri 

"Last Sunday's work shop/ discussion, was PHENOMENAL, and SO important! I was especially moved by the presence of so many young men, and what they had to say. Men in the West are usually not very verbal, and what I heard was very revealing. Maybe one day, as men, we can continue these discussions on our own, and then take action. Again Thank you, and RIGHT ON!" -Black, Male, Age 61

"Thank you for posting such body-positive images. Each one I see helps me heal from harmful internalized ideas about white standards of beauty and my value being associated with someone else's idea of desirability. " - Anonymous

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