Sexuality is a positive and important aspect of our personalities and lives. Sexual messages are everywhere - some positive, mostly negative. Rarely do people have and/or take the opportunity to discuss all we’re observing & absorbing. We want to create a space to do this.

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Sexuality & sexual exploration happens throughout our entire lives, from childhood to older adulthood.  Sexual education is vital in promoting a life full of sex positive experiences.

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It is important that we are supportive of each other as we travel on this path of self-discovery. There will be moments of awkwardness, silence, laughter, and embarrassment. But we will do it together, authentically.

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To get to a place of sex positivity you must uncover & address places of sex negativity- shame, fears, and trauma will all come up. We will do our best to create a brave space, one that requires vulnerability and offers support and healing.

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This is your sex life, choose to do with it as you wish. We just want you to have accurate information to make the choices that are best for you and your partner(s).

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Our vision is that reclaiming and having agency over our bodies  will transfer to other aspects of our lives and incite us to reclaim political, economic, and social agency.

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The  white supremacy system in place throughout the diaspora is designed to alienate, control, and destroy black bodies. Reclaiming our Black bodies & sexuality is in direct opposition to this system and an act of resistance.

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Liberation is a state of being and not a place of arrival. This is a life long journey that requires all of us to be teachers & learners.